A Ministry Box Strategy

IMPROVE or LAUNCH your in-home MINISTRY BOX strategy! 

EVERYTHING you need to connect and engage with families at home.

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Due to the 2020 Global Pandemic, ministry to families has fundamentally changed.

  • Only small percentage are coming back to churches who have re-gathered
  • Only a small percentage are engaging with content online
  • Only a small percentage are engaging in conversations or online gatherings

Stay connected and engaged with a screen-weary and disconnected families!

A Ministry Box Strategy helps the church stay engaged with families while empowering the next generation to prioritize faith and essential spiritual practices! Check out our recent webinar where we discuss this new strategy!


There's no need to re-invent the wheel or start from scratch. You'll find curriculum templates, communication scripts, resource shopping lists, and answers to just about every question imaginable. 

10 Components to the Ministry Box Bundle

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What About Boxes? Where do you get boxes?

Check out these beautiful Ministry Boxes.

The BEST Deal for Custom Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes are expensive. The only way to get COMPETITIVE pricing on custom printed boxes is when you are ordering 10,000+ boxes at a time.

Fortunately dozens of churches are coming together each month to place ministry box orders to get value pricing you can't get anywhere else. As long as the box dimensions are the same, every church can submit their own custom design. Cool idea, right?

On September 1st, we're placing an order for 10.000+ boxes to have shipped to individual churches just in time for an October box distribution. Take advantage of this crazy good deal by placing your order (and submitting your design) by September 1st (minimum order of 100 boxes).

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