The New Digital Church

Learn to apply online strategies to your church in order to reach and connect more people

11 Sessions + How-To Videos + Bonus Interviews


Reach & Connect MORE People Online in 2022

  • Online engagement is the visitor's first step
  • What we have always done isn't the answer
  • You may not have a comprehensive plan that combines in-person and online strategies
  • Church leaders are mostly new to this approach
  • You might feel discouraged and overwhelmed
  • A new strategy is needed... not just for now, but for the future long-term 

How The New Digital Church Can Help

Main Session Teaching

Practical content about online strategies and tactics taught in each session 

"How To" Videos

Instructional videos to walk you through how to implement many of the tools

Interviews w/ Leaders

Interviews with some top voices related to online ministry in churches

Private Community

Access to a private online group to connect with leaders, get support, and share ideas

Develop a Digital Ministry Strategy for Your Church

Throughout the course, you'll develop your Engagement Pathway to include In-Person and Online strategies with the goal of creating one combined plan to reach and connect people online.


Session Topics

Session 1

Why | What | How

Session 2

Web Presence

Session 3

Social Media

Session 4

Paid Advertising

Session 5


Session 6


Session 7

Online Engagement

Session 8

Discipleship Online

Session 9

Evaluate & Improve

BONUS: Apply

Children's Ministry

BONUS: Apply

Student Ministry

Your Guide - Nick Blevins

Hey, I'm Nick.

I'll be your guide as we take this journey to reach and connect more people to your church online.

My wife (Jennifer) and I have been married for over 15 years and we have 3 awesome kids. I serve on the staff leadership team at Community Christian Church in Nottingham, MD. I have an M.A. in Christian Leadership and I'm a certified Church StratOp Facilitator.  I love helping churches reach their full potential.

For the last 10+ years, I have learned online business, online marketing, and anything related to reaching and connecting with people online. I did that in order to help connect with church leaders in an effort to serve them, but little did I know the same online tactics and strategies would be needed in the church in just a short time.

Your Plan to Grow Online Engagement

Register for the Course

Get access now for your entire staff team with one registration

Watch Regularly

Watch each session to learn the principles and strategies

Apply It to Your Church

Take what you learn and implement it in your church as a team

Gather a Team and Get Started!

This course is designed for a team of church staff to go through together.


Because, the content will cover a broad scope within the church and in most cases, that will span multiple roles. The best approach would be to form a team, take the course together, and divide up the responsibilities along the way.

Can I take it on my own?

Absolutely. Whether you simply want to focus this on your ministry or you ARE the staff, you can take it on your own and get the same out of it.

Either way, I would recommend bringing along some volunteers to help.

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  • Practical Session Content
  • Q&A Videos
  • "How To" instructional videos
  • Bonus interviews with top leaders
  • Private online community

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That's the day before we start live, so I recommend you register earlier and give your team some time to prepare.










Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 prompted most churches to move to a 100% digital strategy in a short time. It was new and different and many of the challenges led us to feel discouraged and unsure of what to do next. We scrambled and made things happen quickly in order to continue reaching and connecting with people online. 

While in-person attendance continues to grow, online should not go away. It's still one of the best ways to reach new people and most new visitors will experience your church online first. 

I want to take the strategies and tactics from leading online that I've learned over the last 10+ years and apply them to my church.  I want to help your church apply them as well. Here's how you can take the journey with me:

  1. Register for this course
  2. Block off time to watch and learn
  3. Apply what you learn to your church

There are no guarantees (as if there ever were in ministry), but I'm confident  these strategies are needed in our churches.

Register now and get started.